Razer Naga Review – 2014 Version vs Epic vs Molten Comparison


The Razer Naga gaming mouse is another innovation that only Razer could’ve thought of, at least at the time of its release in 2009. By literally implementing a “keyboard” on the side of a mouse, their creation is intended for MMO players to bind their plethora of actions.

Over the years, different versions of this popular mouse have been released, so we’re going to take a look at them in this article. Then, we will compare the particularities of each model. But first, let’s take a look at the original Naga mouse, which can be recognized by its blue theme (or green theme if you want to get your hands on the more recent 2014 edition).

Shape and Buttons

The Naga looks quite like a Deathadder when you look at its shape, but it’s slightly wider with a rest for your pinky on the right. Of course, your thumb will rest not on a grip of any sort, but on literally 12 action buttons ready to be used. The mouse owns 17 buttons in total, with two more placed on the left front edge of the mouse (and the others being the defaults ones). These two aren’t that good as they’re pretty hard to reach efficiently. But as you will see later, the Epic version took the time to fix that issue by instead placing those on the top of the mouse.

The number of buttons on the Naga is massive, but it gets even more impressive when you consider that you can set more than one action to each one. For example, by simply holding the mousewheel and pressing one of the twelve button, you can activate an alternative action. So, the possibilities will be more than enough to execute all your moves in just about any game you can think about.

The Naga In-Game

Of course, the Naga is a MMO mouse, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use it to play your other favorite games like Call of Duty or Starcraft. The buttons on the side could be used to bind your weapons in first-person shooters or your units and structures in RTS games as well. It can be indeed quite fun to find new uses for your Naga buttons as you get into a new title. If you’re a “multi-gamer”, you will also enjoy the fact that you can store several profiles right on the mouse for your different games. The Naga will truly reward the gamers who are willing to plan their actions in-game beforehand.

Also, there are a few extras that will make your work easier in your games. The 5600 DPI sensor is what will provide you some precise and smooth tracking, while the great quality mouse cord will ensure that it never gets in the way. There’s no need to buy a mouse cord holder for this mouse. The Naga has been one of those first Razer mice to offer that braided cord which kind of feels and looks like a rope and that makes sure it doesn’t get tangled like the plastic version we’ve been used to enduring on most of our mice.

Razer Naga Molten

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The Molten is a special edition of the Naga. It has one of the coolest looks ever with a red Razer logo popping out of red cracks that give an impression that the shell will literally pop out open and that lava will fall out. If you’re getting a red keyboard or gaming case, the Molten has to be strongly considered to further improve the look of your gaming setup. Still to this day, I consider the Molten to have one of the most unique looks of all the gaming mice out there.

The Razer Naga Molten also offers in-game custom interface add-ons for your favorite games like World of Warcraft. Aside from that, the Molten offers the same functionalities as the original Naga, so it is exactly what we mentioned – a special edition – and nothing more. What’s under the cockpit is exactly the same.

Razer Naga Epic

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The Epic version of the Naga is more different, and more expensive. It is an improved version of the original Naga in just about every way, that is unless you don’t believe the wireless/wired concept is a good one. Indeed, you can choose to play with the Naga Epic wired or wireless, and it will charge while you play with it wired. This is quite a rare feature and one that certainly justifies its higher price.

You will also get customizable LED colors and interchangeable grip plates (for the right side naturally), which are very easy to switch from one to another.

Still, the most notable change on the Razer Naga Epic gaming mouse is the one we’ve mentioned earlier: the repositioned buttons on top of the mouse. If it bugs you to have misplaced buttons on your mouse and need to own the very best version of one model, the Naga Epic is the superior one as of now.

The two extra buttons on the top left were probably the Naga’s only weakness, and they can now be used much more intuitively now that they’re located on the top near the mousewheel. With the Epic version, we could consider this to be pretty much the perfect MMO mouse.



Razer Naga 2014 Edition

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So with the information in this guide so far, it’s pretty clear that the Naga has been doing good business for several years. 2014 is no less the year we’ve seen the last update, and it isn’t only about marketing. The shape of mouse actually changed, and it’s now larger and flatter for more comfort and even less effort as you move the thing around for hours. I definitely noticed an improvement in comfort with the 2014 model. This is all subject to personal preferences of course, but all I’m saying is that I really consider the shape to be totally better than the old one. Also, there’s a jump of 2600 in DPI, for a new total of 8200 DPI.

The Naga also underwent more changes under the hood. The buttons use a different mechanism according to Razer so that they’re more responsive. I didn’t notice a problem in that regard on my old Naga and neither do I on the new model, but I guess that Razer must’ve found it necessary to make the change. The mouse wheel is also more advanced now, with a clicky feel and new actions as you tilt it left and right. This might sound secondary, but I found this to be a very nice addition. Some actions are just more fun to bind on the wheel, and I’m now totally comfortable in doing so. With the new clicky feel, I’m sure I won’t miss my selection.

Is there any disadvantage in getting the 2014 Naga? In fact yes there is. This version doesn’t own the customization options of the epic model (no interchangeable plates or weights). So to sum it up, the Naga 2014 seems like a sincere update from Razer. It gives the mouse more power and more comfort according to the feedback received. It may not be as flexible as the Epic, but it might just still be the best Naga depending on your needs.



So aside from what’s been mentioned about the two extra versions, they’re still your good old trusty Naga, so it’s up to you if you’re willing to put the extra money for the Epic. The 2012 and Molten versions are generally offered at $80 each, and the Epic version costs around $130 because of its wireless capability and a few corrections of the weaknesses of the previous versions, mainly concerning the hard-to-reach buttons on the far left. As you can see, the Naga isn’t a particularly low-cost mouse no matter what version you choose, but for a product aimed at such a particular niche, this is to be expected.

Most of the MMO gamers making the switch to the Naga don’t want to go back to anything else. Binding MMO shortcuts to a mouse is truly more fun and convenient than adjusting your habits on the keyboard once again, and with the on-board profiles, everything is made easy. There’s probably a $20 gap between the Naga and your standard gaming mouse, so if you’re a lot into MMO games, investing a bit to have all your actions at hand can be a wise choice.

The Epic gets a big $50 jump in price, but it’s one of the best pieces of technology out there, so as always in computing, be ready to pull out your wallet to get the latest features. Still, don’t expect the Epic version to be more precise or stable, the versions are all about differences concerning features. On the other hand, if you worry about getting the most up-to-date Naga available, regardless of physical customization options, the Naga 2014 is definitely for you.


In conclusion, all four versions of the Naga are very good picks. All versions look good, but we must say that the Molten has that special something if you want to attract the attention of your fellow players. Then, the Epic version is obviously more likely to fit any desktop with its customizable colors. Razer did a great job at slowly improving this model and at reintroducing it in cool new ways. We certainly haven’t forgotten about the Naga! Since the Deathadder, the Naga has been Razer’s most prominent model, and it’s easy to understand why.

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