The Ultimate Comparison: Judging the Best Gaming Mouse For You

world cyber gamesMice can be a tremendously fun piece of hardware to shop – you can get to personalize your desktop in all sorts of ways, get models that will store your personal preferences, have your additional buttons just where you want them, find a shape that fits you like a glove, etc.

But on the darker side of things, the world of mice can be quite deceptive all at the same time. What you get often isn’t what’s advertised and sometimes the most basic and essential features are neglected in favor of the more superficial features used to put the product forward in the eyes of the public.

This justifies the creation of the kind of guide we’re about to present. In this special “Ultimate Mouse Comparison Guide”, you’re going to get all the facts that will help you decide what the best gaming mouse is for you.

Top 10 Gaming Mice in the Market: Comparison Chart

Gaming mouse
No of buttons
Size (inches)
Anker High Precision Laser Gaming Mouse
ergonomic right-handed98000cable5.0x3.1x1.74.9oz + up to 20gr4.6
ROCCAT Kone XTD Max Customization Mouse
ergonomic right-handed88200cable5.3x3.0x1.64.3oz + up to 20gr4.4
Logitech G400s
ergonomic right-handed84000cable5.2x2.9x1.74.8oz4.5
Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700s
ergonomic right-handed138200wireless4.7x3.2x1.85.4oz4.2
Razer DeathAdder 2013 Ergonomic Mouse
classic version
left-handed version
SteelSeries Sensei
Razer Naga 2014
ergonomic right-handed
left handed
175600wireless / cable4.6x2.8”x1.8” (adjustable)4.7oz
$56.98 USD
Razer Ouroboros Elite Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse
ambidextrous118200wireless / cable4.8x2.8x1.7 (adjustable)4.7oz
$142.87 USD
Mad Catz R.A.T. 9 Professional Wireless Gaming Mouse
ergonomic right-handed86400wireless4.5x3.5x1.5 (adjustable)3.8oz + up to 30gr
$121.89 USD
Razer Orochi Elite Mobile Gaming Mouse
ambidextrous76400wireless / cable3.9x2.6x1.42.5oz
$53.11 USD
Razer Mamba Rechargable Wireless Mouse
$99.99 USD

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Most of these mice are wired right-handed, but there are also several great wireless, ambidextrous and left-handed models.

What is a Gaming Mouse?

But first, what is a gaming mouse? A gaming mouse is a device that was specifically designed to play games with more comfort, precision and speed. Is there a real need for gaming mice in the first place? Well, like any recreational and competitive activity (or even “sport” to some extent), there’s a complementary industry that rises just as quickly to supply the players (and make money) with products associated with this activity. Of course, gaming mice got a bit laughed at when they first appeared. For example, they did offer superior sensors in terms of technical specifications, but deceptively couldn’t deliver once on the mousepad.

But with time, stability got handled and companies like Razer and Steelseries started to respect the old mice producers like Microsoft to implement and mix in the real characteristics that make gamers satisfied. We’re dealing with a much more helpful selection of gaming mice now, and the advantages of getting one are totally real.

By choosing a regular and cheaper mice to play games, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage not only in terms of comfort (gamers play more hours) and technology (better sensors and buttons), but also in terms of features (settings profile storage, button customization, macros, etc.)

Finding The Best Gaming Mouse For You

In order to find the best mouse for you, you obviously need to determine what your needs are. Where to start? Well, there are several categories gaming mice can be put into and that you can use to narrow your search. Here are a few of them:

  • Wired
  • Wireless
  • Classic
  • Ergonomic
  • Left-handed
  • Trackball

Above you may find the interactive comparison table of the best gaming mice on the market today Sort it by the required category and start evaluating what fits you best. If you need more options check our full mouse guide. Let me explain all the features in details to help you make the right buying decision.

Wireless or Wired?


Naga Dual Mode Wired/wireless Functionality

Wireless mice will generally be expected to boast a bit less performance than their wired counterpart – it is generally expected for the customer to make a few sacrifices in terms of performance to get the wireless functionality. For example, choosing the wireless Razer Mamba over the Razer Deathadder will make you lose a bit of responsiveness and you must be willing to live with it.

Of course, wired mice have the best performance and the largest choice out of all the categories. Laser and optical mice could also be considered as two different “markets” because the more conservative mice using an optical sensor tend to be more stable, while the newer technology like laser aims to gain an advantage with superior technology.

Simply put, I would go with wired mice all the time. Wireless mice are only more likely to give you problems as you play. Professional gamers themselves try not to rely on those. No matter how you put it, interference and latency is possible with wireless mice.

Take a look at what each of these categories offers with our comparison chart, and then, once you’ve found a category or two that interests you, you can start looking at specific shapes, buttons and additional features. If you’re an MMO players who needs a lot of buttons or absolutely can’t stand wires, you will have to stick to a specific category. Note that there’s plenty of mice that offers the best of several worlds For example, the Steelseries Sensei still offers the possibility to bind MMO macros despite not being marketed as an MMO mouse. It is a great mouse with functionalities that will connect with a lot of different types of players.

Mouse Shape

How can you decide on a mouse shape without actually putting your hands on it? Start by checking how you hold your current one: are you using your fingers or your full hand? Do you like all your fingers to be comfortably placed on the mouse and not to move? Or do you prefer to feel free with more of a light touch? The Razer Abyssus is a great example of a lower mice that you can play with your fingers.

mouse_palm_clawIf you’re using your fingers and wrist to move and like to feel free, you will obviously want to go for a lower and more flat shape. On the other hand, if you play better with your hand relaxed and comfortably laying on the mouse, and also cover good ground on your mousepad as you play, an ergonomic mouse will probably be more fitting for you.

Naturally, not all companies will throw their products in each of these categories and carefully identify them, but you will certainly encounter terms or mentions like “ergonomic” as you read through the descriptions, which will help you know what you’re dealing with even if you’re not physically touching anything. A mouse might look cool and all, but if it simply isn’t in the right category for you, you will want to move on.

Finally, are you using your arm or your wrist to move the mouse? Do you use a high or low sensitivity? Try to notice your habits during your different in-game movement and picture and estimate a shape that would work out for your style of play.

Mouse Sensor

Ouroboros 4G Dual Sensor System

Ouroboros 4G Dual Sensor System

Then also comes the decision of which mouse sensor to use. Referring to the previous choices we’ve covered, players who use lower mice with their fingers and who use higher sensitivity will generally make better use of mice with higher DPI. On the other hand, players who use lower sensitivity can allow themselves to play with bigger and rounder mice.

DPI might sound like a pure accuracy indicator, but don’t necessarily put that much weight on it. Stability should be your number one priority when it comes to the sensor, so make that your priority by reading a few review. Overall, I would recommend to go for optical sensors, as they are more well established and reliable as a general rule.

For example, the Microsoft Intellimouse 3.0 has a legendary optical sensor that has been tested for over a decade and that will work on just about any surface. All mice using laser sensors could be compatible with a smaller number of surfaces on the other. Simply use a standard mousepad or one that was specifically engineered for laser sensors and you will still be fine.

Mouse Weights

extra weightsMouse weights are what you could consider to be the last piece of the puzzle when it comes to picking your mice. Of course, you can just go ahead and pick a mouse of a certain weight (that information is generally mentioned in the specifications list), but if you’re particularly concerned about your choice being too light or heavy, you can choose a mouse with customizable weights.

The Logitech G500 mouse is a great pick if you want to go down that path.

Review of the Top 5 Gaming Mice

Finally, here’s our top 5 picks for overall best gaming mouse and a detailed review of each mouse.

5 – Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball


->> Click Here See Pricing, Pictures and Reviews on

The Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball is a really interesting model that we didn’t expect to make this list initially. Its gaming capability ended up being impressive and it provides a truly ergonomic solution that can help reduce your hand and wrist strain as you work and play. We were even more excited when we saw its price, which makes it a great investment.

It’s no wonder why it is a best seller on Amazon and why so many people are giving it good reviews. Battery life lives up to expectations as well, the build quality matches Logitech’s standards and there’s no major issue people are encountering no matter if they’re using the trackball or the actual mouse to track down their in-game targets.

A trackball can be used to work or play on your computer without moving your hand, so you can save your energy for those most important matches. If you like a large, comfortable and professional looking mouse, look no further.

4 – Razer Naga Epic


->> Click Here See Pricing, Pictures and Reviews on

If you’re an MMO gamer, you have an extra option available that could very well make the choice easy for you. If you would make good use of literally a dozen buttons in your MMO games, the Razer Naga Epic will be a terrific choice. It places twelve buttons on the side of a quality Razer mouse that will allow you to bind macros and all your actions.

What’s even more impressive is how comfortable the mouse is despite the truckload of buttons of it. Razer even went as far as including three interchangeable plates for different ergonomic fits.

Just like the Razer Deathadder, the Naga sports a “2012″ mention on Razer’s website, which means it is a long-standing model that has been updated and perfected over the years, which means you can trust it. However, here we suggest that you go one step further if you have the money to do so and buy the Epic version of the Naga. That version fixes the main weakness of the standard Naga, which would be the weird button placement on the top left side, as well as offer more customization options with interchangeable plates and adjustable LEDs colors.

The Epic is simply the best version of the Naga, so we can’t make an Ultimate Guide without mentioning it. Then, of course, there’s the fact that the Naga Epic sports an impressive wireless functionality, and you can even play with it while it charges.

3 – Steelseries Sensei


->> Click Here See Pricing, Pictures and Reviews on

The Sensei is one of gaming mice to have received the most input from professional gamers from around the world. The preferences and opinions of players from games like Counter-Strike, Starcraft 2, League of Legends and DOTA have all been taken into account to create a simple, but ideal mouse for professional gaming. Still, even if you’re a casual gamer, you won’t find the Sensei hard or intimidating to use.

The software that comes with the mouse is totally relevant with the needs of today’s competitive gamers, and the average gamers will find it useful as well to carry their settings to different locations without having to remember anything. Finally, its customization options are as elegant and cool as it can possibly get – an infinite number of colors for the lights on your mouse and even customizable logos to display.

2 – Microsoft Intellimouse 3.0


->> Click Here See Pricing, Pictures and Reviews on

The mouse that started it all. Gaming peripherals were only considered as pure superstition before this mouse started getting massive praise from competitive gamers in games like Quake and Unreal Tournament. The demand for the Microsoft Intellimouse got so heavy at some point on auction sites like eBay that Microsoft actually answered the call by bringing it back into production (which new version can be recognized by its black color).

The Intellimouse only uses a 400 DPI sensor, which can annoy some high sensitivity or high resolution players, but still, the 3.0 proves how DPI is secondary and that a stable, well-shaped and well-price mouse is often the best pick. Its shape is very similar to the Deathadder (let’s be sure to specify that the 3.0 came before the Deathadder, and not the other way around), but if you’ve had enough of Razer’s trademark coating and want a more simple plug-and-play without drivers or firmware updates, the Intellimouse was made for you.

1 – Razer Deathadder


->> Click Here See Pricing, Pictures and Reviews on

The Razer Deathadder gets our vote for the top gaming mouse actually available. It’s motto for its 2013 edition says it all “How do you improve on perfection?”. Indeed, the Deathadder was already an incredibly reliable mouse when it was introduced in 2006 (minus the one or two firmware update it took to correct some issues at launch) and it has stayed strong ever since.

The current Deathadder boasts almost four times the DPI of the original model and, more importantly, the Deathadder never went the laser route that produced so many clunky mice during the mid 2000s – it has always trusted the more reliable optical technology.

And what’s even better is that it has a left-handed version available, so all gamers can benefit from its great capabilities. Its shape is very universal and will please the majority of gamers out there. It is like a classic-shaped mouse jammed-packed with the best the latest technology has to offer.

Your Turn!

samIn conclusion, choosing your best gaming mouse can be quite simple and effective if you proceed step-by-step and stay honest regarding what your real needs are. It’s easy to fall in love with a mouse at first sight because of its color or looks and rationalize your purchase before you make it, but this will only lead to frustration once you open your box at home. This can lead to spending money over and over for mice that you don’t need, and as a PC gamer you could always put that money elsewhere to upgrade one of your hardware parts or even buy a new mousepad.

So use our comparison chart and do your homework so that you can put down one final $50 to $100 payment and be done with it because you really have the mouse you need. Or you can simply make a pick in our Top 5 and put your hands on one of the best gaming mice currently available.

Finally, rest assured that while there will always be useful new technology that will come out, any mouse that’s on the comparison chart can last you for several years and you don’t have to worry that you will be on par with other competitive gamers. Remember, older mice might have fewer features and technology, but they compensate with more stability and durability more often than not.

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  1. Gaming mouse definitely improves gaming skills ad i must say you have extensively reviewed the best gaming mouse in this blog.

  2. WilcoGamer says:

    Hey nice website! Personally i think the Logitech G700 series is the best gaming mouse but as you have reviewed the Razer deathadder is a very good mouse but in my view not as good as the G700. I guess this comes down to personal opinion and if you want a wired or wireless mouse.

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